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Full line of artificial ear couplers and accessories including the new AEC201-A, IEC 60318-1:2009 Ear Simulator, the AMC493B Artificial Mastoid, and the new AEC202, AEC203, and AEC204 insert earphone and hearing aid couplers.

Verify audiometers quickly and accurately under computer control with exhaustive tests based on limits in the ANSI S3.6-2004 Specification for Audiometers.

Test virtually every type of transducer such as supra-aural, extended range circumaural, bone vibrator, hearing aid, insert earphone, and speaker.

Automatically correct RETSPLs, microphone, coupler, and all other response adjustments using AUDit™ software.

Perform level and frequency adjustments during audiometer tests.

Qualify audiometric booth ambient noise with real time 1/3 octave analysis and fast pass/fail results (MPANL).

Store and recall tests in databases; query databases by audiometer, technician, date, etc.

Print custom reports and certificates for your clients or your archives.

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